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Heating in Somerville: Keeping Your Home Warm with Melbourne Gas Heating Service

Heating in Somerville: Keeping Your Home Warm with Melbourne Gas Heating Service

Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare your home for the cold season. As a resident of Somerville, you know how important it is to have reliable and efficient heating to keep you warm during chilly nights. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about heating in Somerville and how Melbourne Gas Heating Service can help.

Why is Heating Important in Somerville?

Somerville experiences cold weather from May until September, with temperatures going as low as 3°C (^(1)). Having a functional heating system ensures that your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. It also helps prevent health problems associated with prolonged exposure to cold temperatures like hypothermia and respiratory illnesses.

Different Types of Heating Systems

There are different types of heating systems available, each with its pros and cons. Some common heating systems used in Australia include:

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is a central heating system that circulates warm air through ducts installed in your ceiling or under-floor cavity throughout the house. It can be powered by electricity or gas (like natural gas or propane). It's energy-efficient due to its zoned design that allows only occupied areas to heat up.

Split System Heater

Split system heaters are ideal for single rooms where there isn't enough space for bulky ducts (Like bedrooms). They consist of an outdoor unit mounted on an exterior wall and an indoor unit mounted inside the room that needs heat during operation.

Unflued Heaters

Unflued heaters burn gas like LPG or natural gas without venting outside. They're effective at providing warmth because they don't lose any heat through a flue but still should be vented using windows for safety reasons.

Each type of heater has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors like size, location, and energy efficiency. Contacting a heating expert is necessary before deciding on the best option for your home.

Melbourne Gas Heating Service: The Best Heating Solutions for You

For over 20 years, Melbourne Gas Heating Service has been providing comprehensive heating installation and maintenance services in Somerville and the surrounding areas. They install, maintain, and repair various types of heaters, including gas ducted heaters, hydronic heaters, space heaters and wall furnaces. You can trust their team of licensed technicians who will recommend the best heating solutions tailored to your needs.

With Melbourne Gas Heating Services, you get a team that ensures:

  • Timely installations that meet Australian Standards
  • Cost-effective operations due to their high-quality installation services
  • Reliable customer service

Regular Maintenance

To enjoy optimal performance from your heating system, routine maintenance is essential. It's recommended to schedule a heater service once every two years with changes in air filters at least annually or more frequently depending on conditions (^(2)).

Melbourne Gas Heating Services encourages its customers always schedule regular check-ups of equipment before winter hits – so you're never caught in the cold.


Q: Who do I contact if my heater stops working?

You can reach out to Melbourne Gas Heating Services' friendly team at (03) 8360 9622 for prompt repairs to your malfunctioning heating system.

Q: Should I use an unflued heater?

While cost-effective unflued heaters may seem attractive due to how they work, there are risks involved. Unflued gas heaters emit water vapor and combustion products, which can worsen asthma symptoms or cause dizziness headaches in some people.


Keeping warm during wintertime not only provides comfort but also preserves health. As a proud resident of Somerville, you need access to reliable heating services. Fortunately,Melbourne Gas Heating Service offers comprehensive solutions from installations of new systems to health checkups and repairs. You can't go wrong with expert heating assistance from Melbourne Gas Heating Services.

Contact Melbourne Gas Heating Service (https://gasheatingservice.com.au/contact-us/) today to schedule your appointment!


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What Makes Heating In Brunswick More Meaningful?

What Makes Heating In Brunswick More Meaningful?

Gas heating in Brunswick is one of the most popular options for home. It offers many advantages over other systems, including being low-maintenance and producing a consistent amount of heat throughout the home. If properly maintained, gas heaters can last for many years. These systems are also very energy-efficient and are safe for kids and adults alike.

Most prefer a temperature between 72 and 75 degrees fahrenheit. If your heating system in Brunswick is broken or ineffective, you'll find it very difficult to maintain the temperature you want. If your system is broken, you'll either have to turn the thermostat up or down to achieve the right temperature. Either way, you'll have to pay the bill.

Hydronic is the mainstay of solutions. This type of heating in Brunswick utilises water to create warmth and is safe for children and the elderly. It is also environmentally friendly and safe for people with allergies. Hydronic is also one of the most efficient options for home. You can use it in any room of the house, and you can easily turn it off when you are not using it. Hydronic is also quiet, making it perfect for homes with young children or those who are concerned about noise.

While many homeowners are hesitant about replacing their systems, it is an investment that will yield huge financial benefits. A more efficient heating system in Brunswick will reduce the number of times you have to turn on the heater, which means reduced gas bills. Moreover, a new system will ensure that your home stays warm for longer. If you are looking for a reliable system, consider contacting a company lik Melbourne Gas Heating Pros at melbournegasheatingpros.com.au to find out more.

Hydronic heating in Brunswick is another option that is fast becoming popular. The system works by circulating water through a series of pipes. This means that the water used to heat the pipes is recycled, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to heat your home. It also saves on energy because water is not needed to heat each room. Furthermore, hydronic does not require vents, making it a safer and more comfortable alternative.