What is the main reason for blocked drains?

What is the main reason for blocked drains?

The truth is that a blockage in the drain could cause problems with anything from leaves, rocks, even rodents. Here are some of the most commonly used culprits. They include cooking oils, fluids and fats, hair, soap suds and various household goods. In some cases trees can sprout through joints. A joint that has been moved can cause tissue to become encrusted which can trigger the growth of tree roots. Contact an expert in drainage if you believe that your pipes are blockage.

Blocked drains may be caused by rock, leaves, or rodents.

They often cause blockages to drains. Leaves and other debris clog drains. But, they also attract rodents and other pests that need a warm place to live. In some cases, snakes are drawn to mice and different pests. In order to stay clear of such a situation, it is important to take precautions to ensure that your drains are free of animals and other debris.

Hair shampoo and soap suds

The slow drainage of water may cause corrosion, flooding and even the backup of sewage. Knowing the cause behind several issues is a great way to keep them from happening. As soap suds build up, hair and hair particles can cause blockages in showers and baths. To keep hair from blocking the drainage from your shower, make use of an obstruction to drain. Also, avoid showers with soapy products that could cause soap buildup.

Utilize cooking oil and fats

The presence of fatty substances is among the main causes for blockages in drains. Oils and fats from cooking can solidify in water systems forming clogs and damage to pipes. They could block drains and also cause flooding and leaks. If you regularly use cooking oil, fats, or grease, consider cleaning them up. But you may not want to utilize this option for the environment.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes can be found in a variety of toilets and sinks and sinks, something most people are unaware of. These products are loaded with fat that they create a fatberg, similar to an the iceberg. These can be 10 feet long and weigh 100 pounds. Plumbers must frequently be called in. These are particularly common in the water treatment facility and homes because they could be a danger to equipment which can result in the cost of thousands of dollars.

Toilet paper can be used to flush foreign substances out

Drains that are clogged can be caused due to objects being flushed through your toilet. They can be anything from toiletries and baby items to toilet paper, which can block drainpipes. To prevent the issue make sure you take your time when in the bathroom. Additionally, you should avoid using these products through the toilet. A skilled plumber can ensure that underground pipes are properly installed . They can also diagnose and fix any existing problems.

Cat litter

Cat litter is among the main causes for blocked drains. If you don't flush the litter from your cat, it will end up in the pipes. If you're trying to eliminate this issue and not call plumbing experts, try a few methods. To dislodge the clump first , you can use your plunger. To dislodge clumps from hanging metal items, you may utilize a sink-auger. If you are unable to get it working it may be necessary employ a professional.

Tree roots

Perhaps you're wondering why blocked drains is if you're experiencing issues. The blocked drain could be caused by a number of different factors and can be caused by the roots of trees. Tree roots can thrive in the right environment. It is possible for them to get into your drain pipes, leading to obstruction. Signs of a blocked drainage consist of slow drainage and stinky odor. In some cases it is possible for tree roots to cause backed-up sewers.