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How to Clear a Blocked Outside Drain

How to Clear a Blocked Outside Drain

You may wonder how you can unblock the obstruction from your drain outside without hiring a professional. There is a way to clean your blocked drainage on your own with the flat-head screwdriver or rope. There is a way to get the drain cover to remove it if you're unable to reach it easily. To clear the obstruction, you can use the drain rod.

Cleaning an outdoor drain

If you've noticed that your outdoor drain keeps blocking the way, it's time to think of various options prior to getting a plumber. In order to clear the blockage there's a possibility of using either a drain snake, or a hydro-jet. Hydro-jets employ high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions that can be difficult to clear. A hydro-jet can be rented at any hardware store. However, it's important to keep in mind that the roots of your home and any other obstruction may stop drains. When this occurs, it's best to hire the services of a plumber.

Protective gear is essential before you start. Make sure to wear waterproof equipment, gloves, as well as goggles. Also, you should protect your eyes and mouth from sewage germs that can be found in splatter. There is a chance of getting an infection and even more severe if it is accidentally touched. A bucket or a water hose are both essential. Pressure hoses are an ideal option. In order to reach the drain, remove your arm for a manual drain.

Blockages in drains outside can be due to mud, leaves and moss. But, there could be other causes. You might not know it or not, but the items run down the drains are equally harmful. If you've flushed items that are sanitary through the toilet or left soap in the shower, you could be experiencing a significant trouble. Avoid ignoring signs of clogs. Contact a drainage company.

Clear a blockage in the drain

Unblocking a drain may cause an odd smell coming from the drainage. If the water inside the drain appears to be getting a little crowded and is not flowing out, there may be the result of a massive blockage. Inflowing sewers can cause a sloppy environment and are a major risk to health. An experienced drainage service can help you prevent blockages from creating damages to your home. A professional drainage firm is able to clear out obstructions, and provide maintenance advice for the drains in your home.

There are numerous ways to unclog an exterior drain. The first step is to determine the source of the obstruction. Are the drains blocked by leaves, a tree branch or even an invasive weed? If water isn't flowing then the drain may be blocked. Dirt, debris, and leaves can also block an outside drain. Utilize a plunger, or drain spout to pinpoint the issue.

The cover needs to be removed of the drainage. After that, you'll need to insert an empty drain rod inside the drain. Then, you'll need to turn it counterclockwise until the blockage is removed. Make sure that the drain rod can push through the obstructions with ease. It is important to clean the drainage well following this to keep future obstructions. For the removal of all debris, and prevent future blocks, clean your drainage with a pressure washer.